New Jersey Homeschool Association (NJHA) is an all-volunteer organization and we are always happy to have more help! Please consider volunteering your time to help maintain a favorable homeschooling climate in New Jersey.

NJHA needs:

Website Developers and Monitors

We’re happy to have adults or teens help us to:

  • Add and update articles and resources
  • Add upcoming events to the calendar and periodically check the links on the website to see that they’re still, well, linked
  • Research vendors who claim to have products that “every homeschooler needs!”

Legislative Advocates

Work needs to be done on an ongoing basis as well as during specific times when legislation is introduced which threatens homeschooling freedoms in New Jersey.  Needed are:

  • Legislative monitors willing to follow legislation at the state level via legislative email alerts and state news media. Interested teens are encouraged to contact us.
  • Local advocates willing to contact their state legislators to talk about maintaining New Jersey’s current homeschooling freedoms.  This might necessitate a single contact with three representatives, or it might mean choosing to visit State legislators annually.
  • Emergency advocates willing to work at a moment’s notice to advocate directly with legislators or other government officials.

School Board Monitors

Please join a growing group of homeschoolers who are attending local and regional school board meetings and reporting to the NJHA board any issues or decisions that impact homeschooling. Teens can use this volunteer experience toward a high school credit in civics.


Please request to be added to NJHA’s legal referral list.  This is an internal list that will never be disseminated.  Requests for help will be extremely infrequent if ever.  There are two ways lawyers can help:

In the extremely rare situations where a homeschooler needs legal help, usually due to an inappropriate intervention by DCP&P (child protective services), a lawyer from a specific region/county may be asked to provide pro bono services.  

To date, no two requests for help have come from the same county, so we anticipate that no one lawyer should ever be burdened with requests for help from multiple clients.  Frankly, we hope never to need such legal help, but NJHA wants to be prepared for individual threats to homeschooling freedom.  (N.B. NJHA has only been contacted for such help an average of once per year statewide.)

When legislative threats to homeschooling arise, NJHA board members might seek legal guidance.  (N.B. NJHA board members have dealt directly with members of the legislature and executive branches directly on an emergent basis four times over 16 years.)

Event Organizers

Do you have an idea for an event that will benefit all NJ homeschoolers? Some ideas we’ve been kicking around: not-back-to-school days, a homeschool day at the State House, and a homeschool conference.

Personal Advocates

Experienced homeschoolers are needed, on occasion, to advise and encourage newbies or others who are facing a specific challenge.  While board members deal with most requests, sometimes questions are asked which don’t fall within the experience of current board members.  If you are willing to respond to a very occasional email with an emailed response and possible phone contact (at your discretion), please ask to be added as a personal advocate.  If you have experience in a specialized area, whether that be due to special needs, use of particular curriculum, etc., and are willing to help, please let us know.


If it’s your turn to give back to the homeschooling community, please contact us through Facebook


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