Religion & Heritage Email Groups

This is a partial list of email groups especially for home educating families of particular religions or heritage.

Muslim Home Educators As salaamu alaikum! We created this list for Muslims who are homeschooling or are thinking about homeschooling and in need of support. There are issues that are unique to homeschooling and even moreso when one includes Islamic principles. If you are Muslim Homeschooler or are just thinking about it, come join us network with others who feel as you do.

Unitarian Universalist Homeschoolers We welcome Unitarian Universalist families who may or may not be homeschooling to those who are interested in homeschooling but may or may not be UU. This is a place where open minds can consider alternatives to traditional public education.

Many Paths Homeschoolers is a list for homeschooling parents. Folks are welcome regardless of race, religion (or lack of it), lifestyle, homeschool style, sexual orientation or family makeup. Bring your sense of humor, an open mind and a willingness to learn about others! The one thing we all have in common is that we want the best for our children. This list was started by a Christian mom and a Pagan mom who met online.

Buddhist Homeschool This list is for Buddhists who are currently homeschooling their children, or are considering doing so in the future. Posting of homeschool-related links is welcome.

Chevra was formed in September 1998 as an online support community for Jewish homeschoolers of all varieties. It tends to be a very chatty place where we discuss Jewish observance, homeschooling,family life, outside interests, and (our favorite topic) why the laundry never seems to get done.

Pagan Homeschool This list is open to all Pagan Parents whether you are currently homeschooling your children or are thinking about it. Topics vary from whether to homeschool or unschool to what curriculum is best for those who chose to use it. But most of all I want this list to be about the pagan children and the unique position they are facing.

The Pagan Homeschooler’s List is a CLOSED list for **pagan parents only** with a screening process in place. By pagan we mean those who practice earth based religions, including but not solely limited to Witches and Druids.

Almost Organized is especially for the Christian homeschool parent who is trying to set up and maintain a routine. It provides support to the “unstructured” personality. If you’re not normally a “make a list” type person… If you don’t normally know a week in advance what you’re going to be doing tomorrow… And most importantly, if you tend to feel like your homeschool has no rhyme or routine and that things just aren’t getting done the way you feel they should be, this list might be for you.

Christian Homeschoolers USA This is a list for Christian homeschoolers to come together and discuss homeschooling issues, curriculums, and talk about the Lord. There are certain challenges we all face with the decision to homeschool. We are all here to be helpful and uplifting in our efforts to homeschool our children. We need to get God back in our children’s curriculum.

African American Homeschoolers This is a list for African American parents who homeschool their children. Through this site we can hopefully share the challenges faced by homeschooling in general and homeschooling African American children in particular.

Families Of Color Using Homeschooling This list is for Christian Families of Color who’ve opted to Home Educate their children. We believe in HEART – Home Education And Righteous Training. We exist to offer support, fellowship and to share resources with other African American and Bi-Racial Christian homeschooling families. If you’re currently homeschooling or have a desire to homeschool we welcome you.

African-American Unschoolers Karibu/Welcome! African American Unschoolers is for African-American Homeschoolers who use the whole world as their child(ren)’s classroom. Unschoolers encounter math, science, reading, writing, art and history in the Real World because real living leads to real learning!

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