Special Needs Email Groups

This is a partial list of email groups related to home educating with special needs.

AS Learning At Home This is a list for families that are homeschooling full or part time, or those that are researching the option of homeschooling their autistic spectrum children. This is a great group of families from around the world and we all have different educational, child rearing and religious philosophies.

ADHD Parents Homeschooling ADHD Kids I’m an ADD Mom homeschooling an ADHD son,or trying to! If you are in the same boat & would like support, ideas or just to chat, feel free to join. I am a Christian, however all are welcome, as long as you won’t mind if prayer support is offered to those who want it. Anything pertaining to this subject (ADHD, homeschooling, etc.) may be discussed.

Homeschooling and Down Syndrome for families who are homeschooling or want to homeschool their child with Down Syndrome. Come help be a part of our learning experiences! Share what you have found or learn something new.

PREACCH is a fellowship of Parents Rearing and Educating Autistic Children in Christian Homes. Membership is restricted to those who will agree to pray for other members and to honor the privacy of others’ comments, questions, and testimonies. Membership is also restricted to Christians.

HS Dyslexic Kids A support group for homeschool parents of dyslexic children. We are not experts on dyslexia – just other parents who are going through similar problems and have similar concerns.

Aut-2B-Home This list is a private, moderated list for people homeschooling children with disabilities on the autistic spectrum. To subscribe send a brief biography to the list owner, Tammy Glaser, {tamglsr@sgi.net}, or click on the mail link above.

Autism Unschool is an email list for parents of children with autism who are unschooling.

AS You Like It AS You Like It is a secular list for parents who homeschool, or who are thinking about homeschooling, children with Aspergers Syndrome, HFA, or PDD. We are an open-minded, forward-thinking, mutually respectful group of individuals, with diverse belief systems, who share the challenges and successes of parenting and homeschooling children on the autism spectrum.

The Homeschool Language-Impaired forum is open to people who have an interest in educating language-impaired or learning-disabled children. This mailing list is a place where you can contribute your ideas & practical educational techniques which you’ve found to be successful & fun for your children. It is also a place where you can find support & share your ideas & concerns.

HSSN, the Homeschooling Email List for Special Needs/Medically Fragile Children Our focus is homeschooling families with at least one special needs child. Most of our members have medically fragile children dealing challenges in speech, motor development and learning disabilities. We homeschool full time or part of the time.

Waldorf Homeschoolers Special Needs This group is for homeschooling parents/guardians who are interested in or currently using Waldorf methods to homeschool a “special needs” child. Come join us as we support each other through parenting and homeschooling our precious children.

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