Methods and Styles Email Groups

This is a partial list of email groups related to home education methods and styles.

A2Z Homeschool
Kick off your shoes and relax! Homeschooling can be fun and successful with your online buddies cheering you on and supporting your best effort to educate your children in whatever manner you feel suits your needs. This list is inclusive, which means we respect your choice of religion or none at all.

Basically Beechick
Ruth Beechick Style Homeschooling is an Eclectic approach which focuses on natural learning through Real Books and Real Life. Basically Beechick is a Christian homeschool support group to discuss the methods and ideas of Dr. Ruth Beechick. Other authors whose ideas mesh well with Beechick’s will be discussed as well. These authors include Rebecca Rupp, Jean Soyke, E.D. Hirsch, Robin Scarlata, Jane Claire Lambert, Valerie Bendt, Clay & Sally Clarkson, Cindy Rushton, Mary Hood, and Charlotte Mason.

Clonlara Students
Students of the Clonlara home-based education program can discuss homeschooling with other students in the school. Make friends, share experiences, and help each other work through the challenges of homeschooling.

Oak Meadow
This list is for discussing Oak Meadow curriculum. Any ideas, questions, or just general discussion are welcome. All religions, races, etc. are welcome.

Oak Meadow HomeschoolThis is a group used to discuss Oak Meadow curriculum, Waldorf Education, parenting and homeschooling.

Heart of Seton This is a support group for families using Seton Home Study Curriculum. We can share our ideas, problems, joys, activites, and much more.

Eclectic Homeschool email list is an adjunct of the Eclectic Homeschool Online. We expect the discussions on this list to run the gamut of home education topics. The Eclectic Homeschool is published from a Christian perspective, but we do not limit the resources we use to purely Christian ones.

We Teach Abeka is dedicated to Christian Parents/Home Educators, who teach their children K-12, using all or part of the ABeka curriculum without the use of the ABeka Video program. The purpose of the list is to offer and receive help, suggestions, information, support, share favorite teaching methods, share helpful websites, share problems and concerns, and find friendships.

Unschooling is the confidence to trust that young people will learn what they need from living their lives in freedom and joy. An unschooling parent is a facilitator and cheerleader who embraces life and learning with curiosity and enthusiasm. An unschooled child is free to choose the what, when, where and how of their learning – from mud puddles to Shakespeare to Spongebob Squarepants!

Well Trained Mind The participants on this list discuss the book “The Well-Trained Mind A Guide to Classical Education at Home” by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer. This group is open to all homeschoolers who are interested in learning more about classical education methods.

CM-Waldorf This list is designed for those interested in the Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling with a Waldorf twist. Topics for discussion will be geared towards combining these two approaches successfully, and any other related issues.

Waldorf Homeschoolers Special Needs This group is for homeschooling parents/guardians who are interested in or currently using Waldorf methods to homeschool a “special needs” child. Come join us as we support each other through parenting and homeschooling our precious children.

Spirit Led Homeschoolers of Tots & Tweens Inspired by Barb Shelton’s articles and books. One of her greatest delights is to help moms (parents) get set free to walk the path that God has set before them in raising, educating and relating to their families. Traditional approaches and curricula typically do a good job of preventing this from happening.

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