The New Jersey Homeschool Association



The New Jersey Homeschool Association (NJHA) was founded in 1997 by homeschooling parents who felt the need for a statewide organization that would provide information about homeschooling in New Jersey. By 1998, when New Jersey homeschoolers faced a challenge to providing equivalent education to their children without government oversight or intervention, the mission of NJHA expanded in order to protect the homeschooling freedoms of all New Jersey citizens and to maintain a favorable homeschooling climate in the state.  Since then,Board members and other volunteers have maintained this website, joined with other homeschool organizations – particularly in 1998, 2004, 2008, 2011 and 2012 – to respond to unfavorable legislative proposals, advocated for a few individuals who were faced with challenges to their equivalent education, and produced a few events, including a display at The Statehouse in 2009 and, more recently, a Not-Back-to-School picnic.  Currently, a Board member monitors State Senate and Assembly bills for potential legislative encroachments on homeschooling freedoms. If/when such potential exists, the Board apprises the homeschooling community and works to maintain the current statutes as they pertain to equivalent education.



The New Jersey Homeschool Association exists to protect the homeschooling freedoms of all New Jersey citizens and to maintain a favorable homeschooling climate in the state.  NJHA is an inclusive, nonpartisan organization that serves homeschoolers regardless of religion, race, ethnic heritage, disability, method of homeschooling, or other characteristic or distinction. NJHA was established as and continues to be an all-volunteer group.

  • NJHA board members attempt, as possible, to monitor and address legislative and other encroachments on homeschooling freedoms.  
  • NJHA offers advocacy and/or referrals for advocacy in disputes between homeschoolers and school districts, government agencies, or other entities attempting to restrict homeschooling freedoms.
  • NJHA takes no official stance on issues that do not directly affect the homeschooling freedoms of New Jersey citizens.  
  • NJHA does not support any action which divides NJ homeschoolers into separate legal categories.
  • NJHA encourages membership and leadership from all facets of New Jersey’s diverse population.  
  • NJHA is an all-volunteer organization.   No officer or member of the Board receives any salary.  All monetary contributions to NJHA support this website and any other costs associated with carrying out our mission.


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